Silva’s first time, and it’s with JMac

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Silva's first time, and it's with JMac!

"I don't confess anything," says Silva Foxx, a 62-year-old divorcee who's going to have something else to confess...or just keep as her little secret between herself, her significant other and her friends. One of those friends is 60Plus MILF Leah L'Amour, who discovered Silva at a strip club in Phoenix, Arizona. Leah was there with her husband. Silva was there with her manfriend. They hit it off, and eventually, Leah suggested that Silva show her stuff for us.

"I've always wanted to do this," said Silva, who is, indeed, a silver fox with her gray hair. "Porn, I mean. I watch it all the time."

But Silva, who grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and now splits her time between Colorado and Arizona, says the people who know her would be "abso-fucking-lutely" surprised to see her here.

"Most of my life has been in the business world, and most people are kinda vanilla and would be kinda shocked because I'm really an introvert," she said. "I'd rather be home with a book...cuddle up with my man drinking hot cocoa and watching the snow when we're in Colorado or spending the weekend riding horses."

She spent a few days in Miami, Florida riding porn cock for the first time. In this scene, Silva is JMac's step-mom. He's watching porn and jacking off. She catches him, and since Dad isn't home, there's no reason step-mom and step-son can't fuck, right?

Well, there are actually a lot of reasons, which is why this scene is so hot.

Silva's first time, and it's with JMac!

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