Robin Pachino and the young BBC

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Robin Pachino and the young BBC

The last time we saw Robin Pachino, she was a 55-year-old MILF who was sharing a couple of young studs with Honey Ray. Now, Robin is 61 years old, and she has the cock all to herself. It's a big, black cock, and it belongs to 33-year-old stud Rob Piper. Rob is working in Robin's yard, and she decides to bring him something to drink. It's a hot day that's about to get hotter because Robin is wearing sexy lingerie. She goes right after his cock. Rob doesn't drink the lemonade, but Robin does drink his cum.

We asked Robin if she watched her scenes, and she said, "Yes. I watched them by myself. I got so turned on, it was unreal. I find myself very exciting. I'm like, 'Oh, she is sexy!' Then I remember it is me!"

Robin lives in California. She once told us, "I became a slut when I turned 50. What else would you call a woman who, out of the blue at age 50, decides to start fucking strangers in front of the camera? I know what my ex-husband and my children would call me if they knew. They'd say I became a slut. Okay. I'm proud of it."

And rightfully so. Robin started out with all the way back in 2005, and she's still looking great and going strong. We asked her what she thought were her best assets, and she said, "My brain, my butt and my legs. I have a great butt and legs from hiking."

Not running? Strange. She's been running through our minds since 2005.

Robin Pachino and the young BBC

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