Naked in the Sun

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Naked in the Sun

We were a little worried that Cosmia's pale, white skin would get too much sun during this outdoor bikini shoot. She must get a lot of eyes all over her plush body when she wears swimsuits in public.

"I love to feel sexually wanted," young and plump Cosmia said. "I love to get a guy going and then satisfy them completely. I like to know I'm doing the best possible. I'm talented and I love to show that off. I love to know that my pictures and videos turn a guy on and make him horny."

Baby-faced Cosmia has an innocent look but look out! She has a big appetite for sex.

"Another of my top sexual experiences was all the outdoor sex I've had. I once had sex in a playground in broad daylight. Another time in a gazebo with a 20-something guy I was fucking at the time."

Cosmia's first XXX scene was at XL Girls.

"I enjoyed getting fucked by Johnny. He has a really big dick and it felt good fucking my pussy hard. I got most of it all the way down my throat and he liked it when I sucked his balls. His cum tasted good. I think it's obvious by my expression how much I liked our scene."

Naked in the Sun

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