Alby gets ass-fucked every which way

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Alby gets ass-fucked every which way

When this scene opens, 51-year-old wife and mom Alby Daor is cleaning her house. She bends over a bed and…she has a butt plug halfway up her butt hole! Nice. This is what you call multi-tasking: cleaning and getting your ass ready for cock at the same time.

And who has that cock? Lucky Milan, who lies down on the bed as if he’s ready for Alby to take care of him. Well, she is. Her hand goes right for this crotch, but he’s distracted by that ass toy.

Gentlemen, there aren’t many sure things in life, but this is one of them: If a woman is wearing a butt plug, she wants to get fucked in her ass.

“You like?” Alby asks. “Maybe you should take it out. Take out my butt plug with your teeth. That would be hot.”

Indeed it is! Then she asks him to play with her asshole. She doesn’t have to ask twice.

Alby sucks his cock and balls and Milan fucks her throat. And now his 26-year-old cock is ready to fuck her pussy, right?


“I want you to fuck me in the ass,” Alby says. “Put your big cock in there.”

Again, she doesn’t have to ask twice.

Milan fucks her pussy in this scene, but mostly, this is all about the many ways that you can fuck Alby’s ass.

The thing is, Alby is a little woman. She weighs 98 pounds. And Milan has a big, thick cock. You’d think a little lady like Alby wouldn’t be able to take such a big cock in her tightest orifice, but you’d be wrong. He really has his way with her ass, jack-hammering it with his cock before he shoots his load on her puckering asshole.

Looks like that butt plug did its job.

Alby gets ass-fucked every which way

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